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Now and again you come across someone who has a huge impact on your business. Andrew is that someone. Since Ibis Al Barsha started using Andrew we are now receiving a great level of creativity, a fast turn around and someone we can really work with who has become part of our team. Use him!

IBIS - Judy Holland
Director of Business Development
Ibis - Novotel Al Barsha, Dubai

Andrew Noddings

Why Andrew?

Andrew is known for the creativity and freshness he brings into even the most miniscule requirement and even more for the levels of personalised service and attention he provides to each client. He has worked with prestigious corporate and consumer clients, including Formula1, Mazda, Fiat, Calvin Klein and Hewlett Packard to name a few, producing intelligent solutions and engaging designs.

His approach is simple. He wants your business to be successful and so he works with you as a creative partner to produce aesthetic, yet usable design to inspire your target audience.

60 seconds with Andrew

What for you is the most enjoyable aspect of the branding and design process?

Creating a new brand or, for that matter, a piece of collateral is like shaping the personality of the company (client) and knowing that a little bit of myself has gone into that. Also being able to see your work in the public domain and knowing that your project is a success.

Importance of brand positioning?

Brand positioning is the core message that differentiates your product from everything else. A brand is the mental snapshot and emotional response that springs up at the mention of a company's name. Perception is not always reality, but it is the perception that counts. Whatever signals a company sends out translates to how it is perceived.

A project you’ve worked on that you found memorable?

I’d have to say Formula 1 as this is the most high profile work I did - walking around Bahrain on the run up to the GP and seeing people interacting with the collateral I had produced... Although I have to say that the work I did for smaller companies like City Palace whose identity I helped build from scratch was just as fulfilling.

How should one quantify the effectiveness of their branding campaign?

Make no mistake. The process of developing, implementing, and maintaining a brand is a long-term process.
When you brand your business, you create an emotional connection with your clients and customers – whilst having to be constantly aware of constant changes within your target audience. Businesses that get feedback are the ones that use their brands effectively. The highest market share and profitability accrue to brands that consistently deliver core benefits with which customers emotionally connect with.

What should a good branding and design achieve?

The main ingredient that makes a successful brand is personality. Today's leading brands are personalities in their own right and people relate to brand personalities in the same way as they do to human personalities.
Building a brand is a corporate strategic issue and not a short-term tactical activity. All aspects of marketing and communications should reflect the brand values, as should company employees in demonstrating those values in their behavior to customers.